Rice in The Albufera of València

To know the rice’s world with boat ride and valencian paella

Rice has accompanied and fed valencian people since the arrival of the Arabs in these lands. In this visit we suggest you to discover the relationship between this crop, the people who work it and the environment where it grows.

We begin the journey in one of the rice-growing areas of the Albufera, with a threshing machine  and the water channel that it served as way of transport for small boats. We’ll accompanied by a young farmer who will explain us the rice cultivation and curious stories about the inhabitants of the lagoon.

A nice boat ride, enjoying the scenery and wildlife of the lake, take us to El Palmar, where we enjoy a paella in one of its traditional restaurants specializing in local cuisine.

Also, if you like, we can include a workshop to learn how to cook authentic paella with firewood.


Departure and arrival: Valencia city or other proposed place.
Duration: 5 hours. Customisable. Available all year long.
To see: Rice fields. Albufera lake. Cottages (Barracas). El Palmar.
Includes: Expert guide, boat trip and full menu lunch.


GROUPS: If you have a group of 10 people or more, we can arrange the tour from Monday to Sunday depending on your preferences. Contact us at +34 691 093 721 or at info@valenciaoriginaltours.com.

INDIVIDUALS: Sometimes we organize this tour for individuals, the best way to know when it is done is leave your e-mail on our mailing list, you will find how to do this at the contact area.